Prescription Refills

Our office staff will be happy to refill any medication prescribed by a MBC physician, with regularly scheduled appointment follow-ups.

You are encouraged to obtain refills at your office visits with your MBC physician. To schedule an appointment click here or contact your local office.

To request a medication refill, please call your local office and leave a message on the Prescription Refill Line.

The following information must be provided at time of call for all medication refills:
  • Your name (and patient\'s name if you are calling for someone else)
  • Your/Patient\'s date of birth
  • Name and phone number of pharmacy
  • Name of medication and dosing information
  • Call back number where you can be reached
Your medication will be refilled within 48 hours.
You will receive a call back when it has been completed.

Limited medication refills will be made once for patients that are overdue for an regular appointment follow-up. A physician appointment must be made at the time of refill.

Yearly or long-term medications will be available through your MBC physician at his/her discretion.

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